Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Nutshell

Let's see...weekend, weekend, yes. Not much tatting I'm afraid. On Friday I had caught up with everything again and I spent much of the day cleaning in anticipation of hosting the Mother's Day dinner for the family. In fact in a rare non vacation related event, I did not tat at all. I did discuss it toward the late afternoon, I even got a new commission, bu this one I will need to wait for some freshly ordered supplies to try out. I thought about getting started on the designing, but I really need the proper dimensions first. I hope I have you curious and/or confused at this point. Don't worry, this is most certainly a show as I go sort of experiment.

Again on Saturday, there was cleaning, but mostly there was Iron Man 2. I'm sure that I have mentioned that I and my family are geeks. My two daughters just as eager to see the film as the adults. In case you were wondering, my opinion is in the 'if you liked the first movie, you will like the second' camp. Sure, there are more plot points relating to the eventual Avengers movie which might confuse some folks, but still a generally rousing good time. I came back from the movie to a custom order, so I did spend the evening tatting on that.

Since I seem to have structured today's post as diary entry from some unknown reason, I'll stick with it. On Sunday there were the gifts in the morning and an unplanned shopping trip for my sisters birthday when I realized that this was likely the last time I would see her before her birthday next week. Yet another younger sibling passing the 30 mark, fun. Then the family arrived for a barbecue that timed well with a fairly unexpected Thunderstorm meaning instead of playing outside all the children destroyed the house. Ergo, I spent the last part of Mother's Day doing what I imagine most mother's do, clean up the mess everyone else left behind.

So that's about it in a nutshell. I'll start documenting the new project as soon as supplies arrive though I still have yet to receive the thread I ordered...gah, how long ago. I think it might be time for inquiring emails. Anyway, there's that and not much else for a spell I think. We're coming close to the end of the daughter's school year and her birthday, so I might be a bit unfocused as I shift to family things. Of course it is just as likely that I'll get on a giant creative rampage. I'm unpredictable that way.

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