Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Monday

I warned you that I wouldn't make any progress over the weekend and I was right. You see on Saturday we rented a scissor lift. Why? Well as soon as we were able after we bought this house we outfitted every room we could with ceiling fans. The was however one room that eluded us, the living room. It's ceiling is 19 feet high. No we could see that it was wired properly for a fan, but the logistics of getting a fan up there were daunting. Finally we bit the bullet, bought a six foot down rod and rented a scissor lift. Saturday was challenging as I was tasked with keeping the children out of the way while also running various errands. The lift was surprisingly difficult to get into the house and we required the help of family, a friend and a neighbor. Then while patching small holes in the ceiling which look as if the previous owner played a round or two of darts, husband runs the lift into the entry way wall. Luckily he struck a metal bracket so fixing it wasn't too much of a drama...though it became my drama. It is done now, but no time for tatting.

I did say that I would show you one of the birdcage veil attempts today. This was the longer version and it seems to sit well in her thick hair. Perhaps I was right in assuming that these veils are not completely ready to wear, but require doing ones hair just so to situate the piece on your head. Here's hoping. I started making up the flowers in black on Friday and started embroidering them in silver filament. I figured they needed some highlight to let then stand out from the black motif base as well as the veil itself. It might be some time before I get the rest of that finished so I can assemble the pieces. I think I might end up ordering better feathers as well since the ones I got at Michael's are 'craft' quality. Usually that's not a dirty word, but I think it's appropriate here.

Speaking of ordering, I did send off an email regarding the large thread order and apparently I bought more than she or her supplier had in stock. So I get to wait just as bit more as she should receives hers on Tuesday and will be shipping them to me as soon as they arrive. The lesson here is of course not to wait until you need something to order it...oh well. It was still a fine deal so I shall not complain further.

One last thing that I forgot to mention last week. Yet another lovely person I met on twitter has done a feature on my work for her blog. She the author of a new Steampunk book and imparted to me that she wishes to help expose other artisans in support of handmade. The article on me is on Caught in the Cogs. It is already listed in the 'where I'm featured now' column. That's it for today I think...yes.

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