Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Didn't Mean To Rant

Do you ever love and curse a creation at the same time. You know, something that you were so proud of when you first made it that you showed it off to everyone like a five year old at show and tell. Then as time went by and other people began to appreciate the creation and you had to recreate it dozens of times. Seriously, I am beginning to groan a little when people order certain things. Now, don't get me wrong I adore the sales, I want the sales, but the weird thing is that certain pieces seem to sell in spurts. Once one sells after a decent hibernation period they seem to keep selling over and over again until I get to this point and then they stop cold turkey for a long time. Right now, I seem to be in a rare double cycle with both the Portrait collar necklace and the ankle corsets being the repeat sellers. Again, I must make it very clear that the sales are appreciated, but man have I made a lot of these lately. Usually the repeat piece is a mask and I think they only get to me because these are the pieces that need a full day at the least to complete and generally two leaving me little time for...well, me.

So now that that is out of my system, they released another new feature on etsy yesterday, the suggested shop tab. This is located in your favorites section and is apparently created using a complex algorithm that suggests shops based on what you have favorited and what other people who have favorited those same shop have also favorited. Apparently and to much complaint, the list seems to contain what people are referring to as 'popular' shops. I quote because others do. You see if someone has been favorited by a lot of diverse people they will be suggested more. This seems like a fine thing to me. I mean generally when a lot of people love something it can't be all bad, but there is a prevailing sense of 'if it's not helping me personally as a seller, it's a useless or harmful tool.' Honestly, I think some sellers in their quest for equality forget that creating the best shopping experience for customers is better for everyone and forgive me, but there is no equality in a free market. There do in fact exist better shops than others and it does not help the cause if everyone regardless of skill level, professionalism or talent is given the same weight in this environment. I specify because there are many areas in which that sort of equality is paramount.

It's funny, when I used to post these sort of opinions I would run to the etsy forums and link to them for maximum opinion exposure, but no more. I wonder at this point if there are even any other etsians that pop by here anymore without that sort of prompt. It's fine though, sometimes we just need to get it out even if no one listening is concerned. I did not mean for today to be a giant rant fest, but it's off the keyboard now. Today there is more ankle corset tatting and more hoping that ordered supplies come in. Until next time.


FetishGhost said...

Still swinging though to catch-up... whether your ranting or not.

geek details said...

I'm listening and I agree. I saw that a lot on the etsy forums (the whining about it not being fair and equal) and it was a total put off. Sorry, free market isn't fair and equal.

Garland said...

i agree, it is hard to read the forum posts full of whining and complaining about equality when that energy should be focused on their shop or craft instead!

Kirsten Moore said...

i completely understand about that "i have to make another" thing as i am the garter factory this month. can etsy release anything without cries of armageddon and the sky falling from the forums? a couple of weeks ago i finally met one of my main "competitors" at a craft show (i had no idea she lived so close to me). her shop is always next to mine in other peoples' favourites and treasuries. i was excited to meet her in person.

as a shopper, i should be seeing the best of etsy. as a seller, i should have the confidence in my product line to not feel threatened by sitting next to other fabulous sellers. it ups the etsy ante, and reminds me that i need to schedule an appointment with my photographer. no, etsy isn't fair, but what is? should the top sellers lower their quality, be less creative and make more mediocre work to make everyone else feel better?

Jo Campbell said...

I tend not to read the Etsy forums very often due to all the negativity - mainly stick to the group forum posts of the one group I'm a member of. I think some people expect Etsy to make their name for them instead of making it for themselves. I haven't sold anything on Etsy but that is my fault (for not spending much time on my shop) rather than Etsy's.