Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is There Anybody Out There?

Wow, it's been over a week and I've not gotten a single comment...not one, I must be boring the crap out of you all or something recently. If something was broken you'd find me on twitter and tell me right? right? Anyway, I'm going to write as if someone is still reading so here goes.

I didn't get back to the veil project at all though I didn't really expect to. At this point I'm waiting for the nice feathers to arrive so I can finalize the design. It's just as well though, as you might recall I've been trying less than successfully to potty train my youngest. I went for the no net method of just switching her to panties and while the first day was just a lot of clean up, since then it's been working. Though it does require me to be at her beck and call and never far away nor too involved in any project that I can't literally drop it and run. We still have a bit more work to do before I trust her new skill well enough for me to relax and focus on anything else, so convenient timing of all elements.

I more personal news which you likely don't need to know, I am again back in the corset. Last summer of waist training was fairly successful. Taking the rest of the year off, not so much. I still find that no amount of stomach exercises is taking the edge off that leftover baby belly and the kid is three now, so it should be ancient history, right? Oh, if only insurance covered tummy tucks, I'd be all over that mess.

Speaking of mess, here's just a bit of a warning regarding next week. It will be a complete wreck. The week begins with my oldest daughter's birthday, contains a school field trip, doctors appointment, teacher meeting and ends with a birthday party that is threatening to occur during rain...though it's still too early to tell. Point is, I'm likely to be very distracted. After than though there are only three more weeks of home schooling. I haven't decided if that will be a good or bad thing for my personal productivity. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I think that's enough nonsense for today.


E.J. Stevens said...

Just leaving a bit of comment love. ;)

Sounds like you have a busy week ahead!


Kim said...

Aw, no comments?? I've been reading - sorry for not talking back! It's been pretty crazy here too.

Good job on the potty training - been there, done that - and best of luck next week!

FetishGhost said...

The sound of crickets doesn't bother me as much as the cawing of the buzzards...

Tatfully Yours said...

Hi I have been reading but very busy trying to get some of my necklace sets into a bridal shop in town. Also with the end of the school year coming I really want my son to get a job but of course I have to take him to the stores and apply. He is 15 and really needs to work. 1. To get him off the computer. 2. Get him away from girls. 3. And to get him to help with the food bill. I am having to hide food or else everything is gone in two days. Fun wow!!!

Mon Alisa Design said...

LOL, you're not boring hon, I love your blog and your work! x

Autumn said...

I think plenty of people are reading your blog; maybe you're just so fascinating that everyone feels like they have nothing at all to say in comparison.

Good luck with your crazy week!

NatureMama said...

Still reading! :-) Also been busy gardening.

I hear you on the waist/belly thing. I used to have a narrow waist, and I'm just about to give up *ever* getting it back. ("I just can't figure out why I can't lose weight," I say, as I eat ice cream and read blogs.)

H J said...

Still following you.
Just too tired/exhausted to comment.
Still love love love your work.
Stay well.

ArtSnark said...

still following but haven't been surfing in a while. (My blog's growing cobwebs too)

I've noticed a drop in comments lately & talked with some other bloggers who have seen the same - we're going with the theory that Facebook & good weather have a lot to do with it