Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothing To See Here

I didn't lie yesterday when I said I wouldn't get back to the veil, I didn't. I was lucky to have a few orders over the weekend and I am still making those things that sold. In fact that was about all the tatting I did yesterday as I had chosen this week as the most recent potty training attempt. this go round we're removing the convenience of the diaper and trying to let her feel how uncomfortable it is to wet herself so she'll tell me first. As you most likely already guessed, it was a messy day. I am truly fortunate to have tile floors throughout my first floor. I'll be back at that again today and likely until it either succeeds or I start getting annoyed and have to switch tacks again.

I'm over here racking my brain to find something, anything else to share with you that would be remotely interesting and get that potty talk out of your head, but I am so drawing a blank. No new tatting, no new features, sales have been alright recently, so no new complaints. Everyone is relatively happy and healthy, I just got a haircut, but it's just the same one, not not really entertaining. Still reading American Gods for Twitter...it's still good, but you don't need me rambling about that particularly since I'm so far ahead of schedule it would just be one big spoiler. No, I guess I should just stop trying for now. Yes, that's what I'll do.

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