Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've Been Reading

The mail was an utter disappointment and so I simply continued tatting a pair of ankle corsets. I engaged in no creative thought and as such have nothing creative to share. You'd think given that I would not bother writing anything this morning, but that is not my way. I function on habit and if I do not want to upset the precious balance I have set over the last few years I must stick with it. So again, I will just talk about something else.

I mentioned a few times that I was participating in the One Book, One Twitter event. Today begins the second week of the discussion schedule. You see, rather that schedule the actual reading which everyone seemed to agree was going to be rather difficult, they scheduled the discussion of the chapters so that folks wouldn't be unleashing tirades of spoilers upon their slower reading brethren. While I have not contributed much to the discussion, I have been following it and it is quite entertaining. Honestly my favorite so far are those that are over thinking every detail. I mean, sure it is possible that Mr. Gaiman was that hopelessly detailed and that every little thing means something deep, but I rather think that it is more what it seems with just a few things baked in for subtext.

Just in case I didn't say before, we are reading American Gods, which I have read before. I read the book as soon as it was out, so I have forgotten much of the details and it is almost as if I am reading it for the first time with a healthy dose of deja vu. In fact I am becoming so engrossed in the story that I'm at least halfway through at this point and it's killing me not to answer some of the discussion questions or comments with the truth revealed further in...I just keep wanting to shout, 'just wait!' I don't do that though, I just keep reading. What is wonderful about this whole thing is I think I needed a bit of a distraction from the days habits. Sure it's slowing my tatting down, but maybe that's a good thing for a while. It's almost like a vacation without going anywhere.

So in a repeat of yesterday, I shall tat, hope for a better haul at the mail box and I shall read. Also, if you are reading American Gods with us, stop by the Wunderkammer today as I curated it as a tribute to one of my favorite moments in the book so far.

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