Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Motif

I couldn't do it, I could let yet another day go by without putting some effort into the veil. So I stopped with the remaking, albeit briefly to get a bit of progress done. Thanks also go to the lovely sewicked on twitter who steered me in the perfect direction to acquire a lovely selection of feathers. I managed to pick up a few different varieties for a reasonable price and since they already shipped I imagine that I should have them by the end of the week.

So this is the basic concept for the tatted section. The flowers aren't sewed onto the background motif and I plan on adding swarovski crystals to the center of each flower as well. Then I'll add some selection of feathers to the back to give the whole piece a little more weight and add that to the veil. I still haven't decided whether the whole piece needs to be backed with felt before it's added to the veil or just sewed together. I am definitely no milliner, but I will keep at it. Once I have the structure down, then I'll give the bridal version a go. It will likely have pearls rather than crystals, but I think the same design should translate over to white just fine.

In other news, my massive order of thread has finally shipped, so I will be weaning myself off of the Micheal's stuff. In fact since I order so much from Fire Mountain now, I will rarely have a reason to even go in there save for the occasional supply. I had gotten so used to basically weekly thread runs, buying their entire stock of black thread. I'll be spending a bit more, so I'm still debating about raising a few prices to absorb the thread increase, not everything mind you, but a few up a dollar should take care of it over time, I think.

I'll put aside the veil again today, in favor of orders, then once the feathers arrive, I'll go back to documenting the process. See, I am much more interesting when I have something tatting related to say. Oh & I got an email this morning that I'm featured in a Wordless Wednesday post on So I Was Thinking... It's a nice collection, if you wish to stop by and take a quick look.

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