Thursday, May 13, 2010


Again, I come to you with a fat load of nothing. I finished with the ankle corsets and went on to remake a bracelet and am still in the process of making a sold choker. The mail again disappointed, though I have high hopes for today. Of course whether my unmentioned supply arrives or not, I shall begin work on the designs for the new piece. Since I have nothing else I shall at the least tell you what it is that I will be soon attempting to make and the reason that I wait.

I have on occasion had the fortune of working with Brides to create something for their wedding day. While lace is a perfect fit for a wedding, generally my customers are a little more off center which of course is the way I like them. I have sent much black jewelry off to brides, even made a set in purple and green for one who wanted everything to match her tattoos. This time an idea was tossed out to make a birdcage veil. Initially, I dismissed the idea as I had never made one before, but as the time line was long and my interest was piqued, so I took the gig. After a surprisingly brief search I discovered that they actual construction of the veil was quite simplistic. It is of course the embellishment that will make the piece unique and challenge my design skills a bit. I have been waiting for the veiling so I can determine the best size of the motif to adorn it, but that is probably just me over thinking things. I did order up enough to try it out and for potential listing in the store should I succeed.

So I will work on the motif designs today and perhaps get as far as working out the feather placements as well, if inspiration should hit. Then I can get some pictures and have something more interesting to show you tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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