Friday, May 14, 2010


The mail wasn't a complete disappointment yesterday, I did receive the veiling I was waiting for though don't get me started on the thread I ordered nearly three weeks ago now. Before I get into all that though, Your attention to the is done. That's right the mask that took weeks of my life and then sat about whilst waiting for first pictures then me to actually list it, has been listed. The pictures I think do the mask great justice and yes, the price tag is high. Honestly, though it would be wonderful, I do not expect to sell this mask. It shall simply serve as an art piece for the shop, a representation of what can be done if one is willing to suck that many weeks of their lives away on a single project.

Now back to the new project which suddenly feels small and insignificant next to that one. I started out by modifying the same motif I used for my Corsage bracelets into a nice square. Never mind that after mail came and I checked out the combs I had, I realized that the original sized motif would like be a better size to cover the comb.

Next up was the flowers. I know that most veils and fascinators use big silk flowers, but I'm a tatter so and I wanted a smaller design anyway. I started by skimming old pattern books for different designs and made a couple up. As happens so often, I sat one under the other, made a few stitch changes and came up with my own hybrid version shown here on the bottom left. Then I made up two smaller ones to flank it, made the afore mentioned realization regarding the base motif, made a new one of those then moved on to the veil itself.

Remember how I said the construction is simplistic...yeah, well it might be a this, then that process, but the devil is in the details. The first one I made seemed far too poofy, the second time I used less veiling and still it doesn't lay the way I want. Of course this may be the sort of thing that is solved by the wearer with an assortment of bobby pins and I'm just over thinking things. I'm also not settled on the feather base for the design. You see, I figured adding feathers under the tatting would give the lace the majesty needed, but the loose feathers I bought to play with are not cooperating either. This is definitely a project that requires working out all the details before one can easily create. So Monday I will likely show you some of my veiling attempts, but the weekend has a list of household projects that must be attended to so I don't know if I'll make any further progress here.

Whew, it was nice to actually have stuff to share...on Friday...after a week of rambling...nice.

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