Thursday, May 27, 2010

The News

Well, what do you know, I kept my word. I did something yesterday worth a mention...a tatted something. Though I had plenty to keep me occupied I was inspired by the necklace round the newscasters neck in morning. I know, right? We are HLN watchers, every morning without fail and I have often thought of making and sending something to Robin Mead as she seems to favor large and interesting jewelry, but this is actually about a piece worn by one of the other ladies, whose name escapes me at the moment.

It was a simple chain piece with a bobbles of some sort spaced out along it. I looked over saw some of the new small flowers I've been using on the veil and decided I had a little time. I made up a few flowers then gathered some chain and some pewter beads and made a new necklace. I may eventually do another version with more flowers and no pewter beads, but I was strapped for time and I wanted to get something created. It's not listed yet, but I will get it up later today.

After all the morning chaos I also got a couple of hours to get some other things done including getting photos of the veil for listing. After my stress over the mannequin versus real head shots, it was suggested that if I had a wig to wear that for the photos. Of course I have a wig, three actually and the most realistic one was sitting on my mannequins head in the first place. So I put it on, remembered how much I had grown to dislike them after having to wear them to work so long and got my pictures. I'm not over the moon about them, but they're done and the first veil is listed. I think that the white feathers might be here today or tomorrow, so I'll get to do it all over again once I make that one up too.

I also spent the evening moving the girls clothes to their new drawers. I had forgotten how allergic I am to whatever happens to clothes when they're stored for any length of time. Is it dust? I don't even know, but I'm still sneezing and snuffling this morning over it. Today is the rare unplanned day for the week. Tomorrow I must clean before the birthday party, but today should theoretically be a 'normal' day. I'll try to get the white veil sewed together in anticipation of the feathers arriving...if I can find my whit thread. I know I have at least two spools around here somewhere. I'll get the new necklace listed later and maybe if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll start drilling some more beetle wings for another project that was handed to me yesterday. Off to it then.


Kim said...

I like that necklace a lot! And I think your photos turned out nice, wig discomfort notwithstanding.

Bombdigity said...

so beautiful!! both the necklace and the veil

Sewicked said...

I love the expression on your face. It amuses me immensely. The veil looks great and I admire the necklace, too. Did you have any problems with attaching the chains to the flowers?

TotusMel said...

Thanks guys!
I used jump rings to attach the chain to the picots, usually I try to attach to the rings so the picots don't stretch, but there shouldn't be too much strain with this design.

Suzanne said...

The necklace is absolutely beautiful. So is the veil. I want it, lol.

H J said...

Why are you not happy with the necklace? It is very attractive. I love it!
You look very elegant in that wig. Not as interesting as your regular look, but a very nice look, for once in a while.