Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy Day Number Two

One crazy day down, like five more to go. The daughter had a lovely birthday, though I made unfortunate shoe decisions on a day that required me to walk far too much. There was toy shopping, the park, zoo, comic book shop, dinner out then we took the girls out on their new bikes until nearly bed time. My feet are seriously perturbed at me, seriously.

I managed not a single task for 'work' except that I stole a few minutes to get the Wunderkammer made up during their nap. Today they're is a slight chance I'll get something tatting related accomplished since we have just the field trip and kindergarten graduation firmly scheduled for today. Late last night the UPS man brought me my massive black thread shipment. This is suppose to wean me off Michael's trips and is a better quality anyway. Though speaking of thread, I ordered up some Lizbeth for the first time. I had a customer who wanted a dark green color in a piece I tat with size 20 thread and that was the brand with the color I needed. I had often heard such high praises for it, but I don't get it really. Maybe it's just a personal taste thing, but I like my thread firm, but soft and this stuff was stiff to work with. On the other end, I hate perle cotton with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. It's too soft and falls apart when you look at it, but I hear about people using it all the time. Is it a color thing, I know both those extremes come is wide variety of colors. Yeah, I just stick to what I like using I suppose.

A big thank you to all of you who commented on the veil yesterday. I got a few moments to check them throughout the day and I was truly touched by all the praise. I'm now getting rather excited for the whole line to develop as well. I've got the tatting done for the bridal version and the feathers are on their way this week, so if I do get some time, I'll sew up the veil and have that ready to put together when they get here. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the best way to photograph the piece for listing. I know it would look better on a real head, but I worry that some people will be icked out by the thought of it already being worn. Meh, I guess we'll cross that road when I actually have some time to get to it. Now onto crazy day number two.


Sewicked said...

Do you have a wig? Put veil on wig. Put on wig. Great way to photograph & no one has really worn it (unless it's a human hair wig). Ask me. I'll solve these hard dilemmas for you.

Tattin' Kat said...

What thread have you been buying at Michael's? There is one about an hour away from me and I haven't been there in a long time. Wondered what thread they sold.

TotusMel said...

I use size 10 crochet which they carry in a couple of brands,I used Coats & Clark Royale. They also carry some size 20 and a tiny bit of dmc tatting thread.