Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Only Wednesday?

One more insane day down and another just on the other side of sun up. If you didn't know I write the blog just before the crack of dawn so that makes sense to me. We headed out of town yesterday for the final field trip of the year to a John's Incredible Pizza. We'd never been and the kids had fun. There was an awards ceremony and I figured we'd meet more of the home schoolers in the area, but it was the same groups of family that we had seen at most of the field trips. Here I thought we would be the horribly anti social ones, but no.

We headed back home in the early afternoon and a new chest of drawers was waiting on the door step for me. Well, a box full of parts was waiting for me to assemble them, since my children have outgrown my old childhood set. I spent another two hours or so doing that. My hands hurt, my muscles ache, but it is done. Of course I still have to transfer over the clothes and move my old one out of their room, guess what I'm doing later today?

Before all that starts again, there are doctor visits to attend and one last teacher meeting for the year. Then after the clothes thing, I can rest for about a day or so until Saturday when my daughter has her birthday party. Well, maybe not rest since the house will be needing a cleaning as well. This is honestly the longest week in recent memory.

One thing that a busy family weeks reminds me of is that ones etsy shop needs constant attention. Without my twitter talking and updating with new pieces, it immediately languished. Normally this is when the panic and worry would set in. Lucky for me, I actually have no time to dwell on such things and a break works out for me just fine so long as it remains on a temporary basis. I'll try to do something worth writing about in the morning today, but as always there are no promises.


Sewicked said...

But at least you have your thread, now. so you're ready for almost anything.

Jo Campbell said...

I agree there - flat-pack furniture is hard work.

Imoshen said...

OMG, I love going to John's. I always have them make me a specialty pizza, and my 2 year old can't stay away from the climbers they have in our branch.