Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A bit of This And Less Of That

As I implied yesterday, I have no new tatting to show you...I am sorry about that. I did have hopes that one of the many vintage tatting booklets I ordered would arrive in the mail so I could play with a little something, but no.

I finished up one mask, made up a matching collar and then I got to start on a Power of Voodoo mask in the hand dyed purple thread. I'm not certain why, but I was plenty happy to just be finally making a mask with this color. So happy in fact that I might need to get a photo shoot done with it before I send it off so I can list it as a custom option. Yes, I love the purple thread that much...I might have issues.

I other news, I have finally gotten past 700 fans or "likes" as they're now calling them on facebook and while I'm beginning to very much doubt my presence there given recent privacy issues, I am still holding out hope that civility will win out. But I digress, the reason I bring that up is that a bit later on today, I will start another giveaway. This time the prize is a tatted cameo pendant with the beetle elytra center. I may also add a Love Insects pendant to the mix if the participation is high. The link to the facebook page is in the right column...yeah, over there. The giveaway will likely be open until Friday to give the most people a chance to throw their hat in the ring.

One book, One Twitter officially starts tomorrow and I feel compelled to share that Neil Gaiman is one of my very favorite authors. I have read most of his books, including Good Omens a ridiculous number of times and thankfully he also writes amazing children's books so I have an excuse to keep reading him even when I can't read for myself. No, I still haven't worked out how I'm going to fit in reading time to my schedule, but as with all things I take on, I'll make it work somehow.

So to recap, nothing new tatted, but there are books coming. 700 fans on facebook means a giveaway you might want to enter and get ready to perhaps hear way too much about a book I'm going to try to read with Twitter. That's it and I'll see you on the 'morrow.

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Emi said...

Neil Gaiman is fantastic - I absolutely loved Sandman especially... in fact, I think it might be time to read it again.
Grats on the fans/likes =)