Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yeah, So...

Don't be mad, but I totally backtracked on the new piece. I ended up undoing the last row entirely unsatisfied with the way it was coming along. Then before I could get back to it I was graced with a couple of sales. So I decided to leave the wrist spat for the time being and get a few things remade. Sometimes we really must step away from something for a bit to see it with fresh eyes.

I'm also a little stressed out by parental duties. I've been trying to potty train my freshly turned three year old. It has not been going well I'm afraid. I blame my six year old. It took me three whole days to potty train that child and she spoiled me for the future. I mistakenly thought the sisters would behave in a similar fashion. I know, I should have known better, they are of course different is a multitude of ways. I know it will happen eventually, but in the meantime I imagine I will be slightly more on edge trying not to let her sense that I'm stressed out by it.

So, you might have guessed I have nothing new to show you, but I did get into an interesting discussion online regarding tatting. I know many other people jumped in too as we were all linked to the blog post from intatters. The author was basically questioning the usefulness of tatting. Not in a dismissive way, but it was interesting to see all the responses the author received. We are quite the vocal community, supporting people to keep using it for whatever they imagine. I mention this merely as an observation, I don't really have any more commentary to add. Well maybe that I don't think we've gotten anywhere near the limit of what can be done with tatting given enough patience and imagination.

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Anonymous said...

Pamela - I think you are absolutely right and I have learned such a lot from that conversation. I have come to realize that tatting's usefullness is really only limited by our imaginations... now I just have to figure out where all that imagination will take me (once I figure out the ins and outs of tatting anyway)