Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Simple Patterns

No. I still haven't gotten back to the wrist spat. The solution has not yet presented itself, but I leave the piece out and as soon as inspiration hits, I'll get right on it of course. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to have the most recent slow paying customer be much quicker than I thought to come back and finish the transaction. Seriously, if you're a seller and you have that non paid order and your first instinct is to get annoyed and cancel it, don't. A little good customer service is so much better because you never know when it actually is a circumstance beyond their control. Anyway, I had to finish up those pieces.

I did start something new though. This sort of thing happens often, I get asked if I can create something that I don't have listed. I respond, 'sure, it'll cost blah, blah, blah'. They think about it and for whatever reason decide that they shouldn't do that right now. These are generally people already ordering something so I rarely feel slighted. However, once the idea has entered my head, been thought about enough to warrant that 'sure' answer I can usually not let it go.

This time it was an arm band to match the Power of Voodoo mask. As you might have noticed the first row of that mask is a variation of a ridiculously common vintage pattern I personally refer to as the 'simple vine'. So, I figured sure, I'll double that up, run a ribbon through it and done. Well, I'm not done, I started late yesterday, but I know where it's going. It is actually the same pattern as my Simple Scarf that I offered up the pattern for. I mean this is really as simple as it gets, but the pattern created by the undulating chains looks so complex and I adore it. I used the same technique when I made A Victorian collar in cream yarn, only I increased the stitch count and added yet another row.

I should get that done this morning and I think I'm going to need to go ribbon shopping as my pendant sale on International tatting day severely depleted my reserves. I also have what appears, and I hope, to be an allergy sore throat that has driving me up the wall for a few days now. Oh and I ordered some peacock seed pearls to go with the beetle elytra. No, I don't have any final design plans for these green beauties, but I'm hoping they arrive when I'm in full creative mode.

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