Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Cave Of Coolness

Well as I said yesterday, I spent a large portion of the day on the way to, in and on the way back from a large cavern. We drove through ridiculous rain that turned into slush and back into rain. We went into large cavern. Apparently said cavern is large enough to house the Statue of Liberty standing up. The five year old was freaked out, the three year old loved it. When they turned off the lights, I wanted to take a cave nap. As soon as the lights were back on the five year old raced up the hundreds of stairs to get back to the surface.When we emerged the sun was shining and we were able to have a picnic and pan for gems before the long drive home.

I did try to tat in the car, but the weather made the car ride...let's say a little too interesting to want to be holding a large needle in ones hand. So all that nose to grindstone stuff is starting today. I have two pairs of ankle corsets in line to be made and then if I get a chance, it's on to remaking a number of larger sold items. That of course is where the issue lies, not that I've sold too many things in generally, but that I've sold too many things that take at least a full day if not longer to make. So I will need days of calm to catch up. Honestly, don't want those days of calm, I want more sales. I'm greedy like that.

Oh, one bit of news for you this morning. Some of you that have been following me for some time know that I did a few articles for the Belle Armoire publications quite some time ago. I really didn't think I was qualified nor experienced enough for the honor, but I was asked and I leaped on the opportunities. I received an email when I returned yesterday, that I still need to respond to, letting me know that one of my articles from Autumn 2008 will be included in their upcoming publication, 'Hand Crafted: The Best of Stampington & Co." How nice to be included especially when I have been too busy...or lazy to submit anything in quite some time. I'm not certain when this one is published, but I will be sure to let you know, so you can at least leaf through it at Barnes and Noble. Now seriously, I will be tatting today at that is all.

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