Monday, April 12, 2010

Things To Share

Without doing much myself, I have quite a a few little tidbits to share with you this Monday morning. On Friday, I started a formspring account. I'm not sure why I did so as I am a pretty forthcoming persona and I don't think there is much left to ask me, but it is there if you should ever want to ask me something that doesn't necessarily belong in the comments of a blog post. You can go here or there is now a link in the ring column of the blog. So far the response has been underwhelming, but it's only been a weekend. Also added to the left column of both of my blogs are 'subscribe to' links for both blog readers and email subscriptions. I actually got asked to do that on the formspring, so I had to figure it out.

Next up, I was featured in a SteamPunk Mother's Day gift guide on Lilly's Workshop blog. It's a lovely list even if the steampunk isn't your bag. Also in the feature department this weekend is an interview on the Steamed Blog. It is full of some less than run of the mill questions, so you might not have heard it all before. Also at the end of the interview is a giveaway for my original cameo pendant. They will draw winners on Friday, so get over there and enter if you're at all interested in winning one of those.

See, that was a fair bit of news and I did so very little to make any of it happen. Home school starts back up today and I am hoping the scheduled classes allow us to ease back into a bit. We're also having a bit of a rainstorm continued from yesterday to further the mood of entrapment and doom, so here's to a day full of levity.

On the tatting front, I fear I am still in production mode though my last order has not yet been paid for, I have opted to make the ankle corsets anyway. It never hurts to have more pieces ready to ship should the buyer not return soon with payment. I did order a new supply yesterday to use in my work. Jewel beetle elytra, more commonly known as wing cases. These shiny things will adorn some tatted pieces just as soon as they arrive all the way from Thailand. See, I got a pair of earrings made with them as a gift, though I was slow to warm up to them, they are amazing to wear. Lightweight, but solid and the colors are striking, they should make fine additions to some crazy collars, earrings, bracelets, heck, I'm even thinking of using them on a mask. Only time will tell if I'll gone loony or not. In the meantime, more remaking pieces and trying to get back into the creative groove. It was a nice pseudo-vacation, but it's over now.

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