Friday, April 2, 2010

That Was Unexpected

So, I'm sitting on the twitter, throwing out the International Tatting Day tweets, doing my part to spread the word and whatnot when I think to myself, perhaps I should offer a small deal or something. I head over to my shop, pick a pendant, make a few alterations to the listing and mark it down to three bucks. Now, let me say one thing first, In the past when I've tried this angle to boost sales, it has failed. Sure, I'd get a nibble or two, but that would be the end of it. For some unknown reason it clicked with people yesterday. Maybe it was the holiday attachment giving it a purer motif, maybe it was just the right pendant and the right price...I don't know really, but I now have over two dozen pendants to make in varying shades. Sheer number wise my best sales day ever. If I had actually been making real money off the deal, I'd be throwing a party right now. As it stands, I'm simply quite pleased that so many people will now have a bit of tatting who might not have otherwise seen it a good expense. I had quite a few brand new customers take the deal so that's new blood to the cause.

As you can imagine this little impromptu sale took most of my day though before I started it I did manage to finish the wrist corset/gauntlet piece. I might get time to take photos of that and get it listed today, though it should be quite a busy day. Me and youngest are still hanging onto the cold, I have the other daughter's face to face meeting with her teacher and I still have some floors to lean around this place in anticipation of my baby's birthday party on Saturday. Oh, and I just heard that my baby brother is coming up from San Diego to visit for a few days, which is wonderful, and he'll be staying with us, so more cleaning.

So to recap, I hope I did International Tatting Day proud with my little sale. I hope I inspired a few more people to give tatting a go or at least to recognize it as a heartily living art. I'll try to get the new piece listed, but no promises as the rest of the weekend belongs to birthdays, family and at least a dozen more In Bloom pendants.


Mary said...

I think it being International Tatting Day did generate some excitement -- your post on FB inspired me and one of my crafty friends to try tatting! So that's at least two of us.

MAB Jewelry said...

Yay, that's wonderful!

Gina said...

A low priced small item is a good way for a new customer to try out your work without too much investment. If they like it, they will be willing to spend more the next time and they'll be good for word-of-mouth advertising.