Friday, April 16, 2010

I Made What Now?

Some days I know exactly how the day is going to play out from the moment I drag my carcass out if bed. Then there are the days that throw me for a loop in a good or bad way, thing falling apart all around or surprising me at every turn. Then there are days like yesterday with small but unpredictable turns. Who would have guessed yesterday morning that after I finished up the armband piece I would be making butterfly wings for a doll? Weird,right? I am so ahead of myself now, let's back up a bit shall we.

First I finished the piece we talked about yesterday. My supply of ribbon is waning, but I did have some that fir the piece well, so I got it put together and pictures of it in the evening as well. You really do have to click on the picture and look at all the others in the listing to see the sheer versatility of this piece. Any symmetrical edging that you can run a ribbon through can be used in a similar fashion making is a very worthwhile thing to make. It's a headband, a choker and an armband. I also found that since I did not sew the piece to the ribbon you can gather the lace into ruffles and wear it on your wrist as well as change out the ribbon for another color. Seriously a very useful and simple thing.

Then I got an odd request from one of my twitter friends. 'Hey can you make some black butterfly wings about 2.5/3" across?" Sure, I said I would work on it throughout the day and let her know. Of course instead I started immediately and had something to show for it less than an hour later. Once the idea is in there, it must be made. The friend as you might have already guessed is into dolls, I believe ball jointed dolls to be precise, unless I remember incorrectly then it's to be less precise. Anyway, I made the first pair in lavender just so I could count the stitches better. You recognize that vine pattern in there. Yep, an infinitely useful pattern. Of course there were several more modifications this time to give it the proper shape. They attach by just the two picots on the side making them actually capable of moving like wings. Of course the buyer has a plastic experiment she wants to try with the black ones, so we'll see how it all turns out in the end. Basically, I just wanted to share the odd turn for the day.

I had a fairly productive sales day as well yesterday, so there is more mask making in my future for today. I still have the evil sore throat with no other symptoms which still has me thinking allergies, but that doesn't make it feel any better, now does it? It does not affect my tatting at all so I'll just keep on with the lozenges I suppose. Way to end on a whiny let's see, upbeat...Have a nice day!


trinlayk said...

Yes! the butterfly wings are for a PukiPuki doll, they're about 4 in tall (11.5cm actually) and terribly cute.

I've been experimenting with a variety of wings for them...

example 1

example 2:

and then dreamed of TATTED wings.

"BUT I don't know how to Tat" I said in my dream, "but _I_ do!" Totus replied.

(Pending experiments with a sort of home done plastic film forming... so I may end up ordering 4 or 5 more pairs!)

Marilee Rockley said...

The doll wings are so precious - what a darling idea! So many cute things could be made for dolls. Maybe even "dolly and me" matching accessories for little girls and their dolls.

And all the creative uses (headband, armband, choker) for a strip of tatting - inspiring!

Tatfully Yours said...

Morning Pam

I have just updated my blog and have done more of your cameo pendents. I also have done the scarf pattern into a bracelet. If you could have a look at it and let me know what you think. To me it looks "stressed". Maybe the picots should be bigger. I used size 30 thread with a size 7 needle maybe it should be a size 8 needle. Or my tension is off. It also wants to fold in half in the middle. Help!!!