Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm sitting here racking my brain to see if there is a darn thing worth sharing this morning. See, as I typed that out I remembered the single thing that was interesting yesterday, Artizen Magazine. Not so long ago the Esty Steam Team that I am a member of was contacted by someone wanting to do a steampunk themed issue of a new fine arts online magazine. She was looking for high end sellers of steampunk wares to interview. I personally stayed out of it since I find my work to be more Victorian style accessory to the movement rather than really steampunk itself. However, I was later contacted on etsy and asked for an interview and since they were certain they wanted to talk to me, I went ahead and yammered on again.

The flash based magazine can be found here, Artizen and it also contains interviews with some of my other team mates as well as several other authors, artists, links to steampunk sites and is full of multimedia links. In short, go waste some time and check it out...and not just because I'm in it, really.

Other than that little tidbit, yesterday was a lot of nose to the grindstone tatting. In fact I am almost caught up with the sold orders anyway and then it's on to the remaking portion of our agenda. It'll be nice when those beetle elytra and peacock pearls get here and I'll have an excuse to stop production mode and make something new, but they're not here yet...silly international slow shipping times. Ah, well...back to it then, go read now!

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