Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Berry Chair 6000

You probably figured after yesterdays post that I would have little to share with you today and you were correct. I had a very distracted day oscillating between needed tasks and looking up the oddest things on the Internet...okay not that odd. For instance, what the heck is this plant in my front yard? Seriously, I am a Google whiz, but this thing has me beat. The leaves look a little like holly, but the berries appear to be small clusters that just started forming. No, I'm not gonna just eat one and see if I get sick?

Oh and then I went on a hunt for living room chairs. You know kind of like the ones you'd find in Starbucks, but much cheaper and with better fabric choices. This also sucked like a year of my life away. Do I NEED new chairs? No, of course not. What I NEED is to get back to tatting full speed, but no. I did get some done, but I won't have much time to do that today either as we are going on another field trip for my daughter. Today, it's the Moaning Caverns...in the rain. I've never been and I hope that the rain doesn't too adversely affect the trip. perhaps I can get some tatting done in the car...maybe...I get a little car sick if I focus on anything one thing too long.

I do have one small bit of news to share. As I basically let my 4th anniversary slide by without pomp, I shall too let this, but I can at least share. Over night, my shop received heart number 6000. I had been checking all day as I was hovering at 5999 and you know how much I love those round numbers. Though I could have done a giveaway or something, I again choose to merely remark on the milestone and move on. The Facebook fan page is also nearly at 700. Maybe I'll wait until that one hits and do a big 4/6000/700 celebration giveaway providing of course that I don't still feel horribly swamped. Who knows what I'll do at this point. I feel horribly unorganized regarding future events and I've still got irons in fires all over the place waiting for them to, um...become horse shoes. Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that metaphor. Let me try again, I've got a lot of balls in the air and I don't even know when most of them are going to come down. That wasn't any better, was it? I'm just going to go now.

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