Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tatted Wrist Spat

It seems every time I am asked to do an interview, I am asked to do several interviews. Sure, I seem to be asked at different times, so I say yes, thinking they will be staggered events, but what always seems to happen is that they overlap in such a way that makes me appear to be one hell of an attention hound. That is not necessarily untrue, but, well...I didn't do it on purpose anyway. So what I'm trying to say is that there is another interview with me up. This on is on the Creative Women's Network and focuses on the business aspect of my tatting world. So if you're interested in what I have to say about that sort of stuff, there you go. I must confess that there is at least one other interview that I have recently given, but I am uncertain as to when that one goes to print. I'll let you know of course and you'll mutter, 'attention hog' or something less PG under your breath.

I was still ankle corset making yesterday when I stopped all of a sudden. I had been asked in the last interview about steampunk projects and had mentioned that I might do a wrist adornment to match the recent tatted spat. I thought why not try now. Starting was fairly easy. I went with a shorter center section with thoughts of adding a row of dark gray on the top edge as well as the bottom. Now I've reached a bit of a snag. To make it fit the wrist, I could only do one row of the outside motif, so I'm adding a simple edging and I've reached the corner. So I need to figure out the nicest way to turn it. Of course, I just now looked up at the picture and I think I've got the answer.

After that I'll add the black edge, though this time it will likely have a bit more frill over the hand. As usual, I'm just making it up as I tat, so we'll see how it turns out. I also haven't decided whether it needs to be made in pairs or if a single cuff is fine. I probably won't make that decision until it's done. So, I'll work on that today and I might get a second matching convertible piece done to list and then I'll have a coordinating set to offer. Ooh, maybe a mask is next as well, though it might just have the matching shades not necessarily the design elements. I also need to remember that I will run out of the light gray and it is discontinued. I suppose if I need to, I can replace it with white in the future, but I still have a couple of balls left, so light gray for now.

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Sewicked said...

It would make the end result more expensive, but would about having some grey hand-dyed to match? That way you would 'never run out of the grey.' Or at least, it would take a bit longer.