Friday, April 9, 2010

Is Vacation Over Yet?

Here we are at the end of another week. Honestly, I have very little to show for my Spring break as a home school teacher. Did we at least get some rest? Yes, I think that we did. I think I might even be refreshed and ready to start on the last quarter of school. As far as the tatting goes, I've basically been in production mode all week. Sure, it feels less creative, but I think I took the opportunity to let that creative section of my brain have a vacation as well. The pressure to come up with a new creation or idea nearly daily does get to one eventually and you welcome the sweet simple task of just mindless making. Really, it's almost a meditation, or rather it would be were it not accompanied by the arguments of small children.

In other news, my black mask has come home to me. I should be getting some amazing photos of her in the coming weeks and then she will make her debut on the etsy. No, I don't expect to actually sell her. One can purchase a mask with a similar footprint and effect for a much smaller price tag, but I made her and she deserves to be shown off. It's funny when I was making the mask, I sworn I'd never make another like it, but I am sorely tempted to try another perhaps adding the top wire in after the tatting rather than at the beginning. Working around the top wire was the chief annoyance with the piece. Well that and all the damn sequins, but maybe number two will be sequins free. I figured I pop up a picture just in case you don't remember the mask or simply have no idea what I'm taking about.

There are no new projects boiling in my brain right now, but I am certainly open to any suggestions to get that creative brain back after break. I think I shall have one last production weekend and hope that I come up with at least something small to try out next week. Would hate to get satisfied with my current stock of designs and sit on my laurels. It's far too early for that now isn't it?

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metallipreziosi said...

The mask is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure you are going to sell her, no matter the price :)