Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Like Any Other Day

I spent most of yesterday making a mask that was ordered. Boring, right? When I was finished with that one I proceeded to start on another of the same mask in order to get it listed as a ready to ship. That was my day in tatting. Yep, that was it.

In other news, I spent the afternoon babysitting one of my nieces and nephews. This of course seems a harmless endeavor, but when added to my own children becomes an insane disaster. Toy's strewn about, yelling, balloons popping. Seriously, it took me like two hours to recover from having them here. After they left, I immediately put my own down for a nap and tried to enjoy the silence.

I have however fast forwarded past the morning where most of the interesting stuff happened. First I got an email from the magazine Coilhouse complimenting my work and sharing their small business advertising program. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds like a form letter, but trust me it was quite personalized. I have often lamented my inability to advertise my 'business' so I bit. The cost was reasonable and the magazine is run by those I consider to be the 'cool kids'. Yeah, I know my version of cool kids probably does not match yours, but I've always been a few tics from normal. So I gathered the info I needed and came up with a new tag line."Handmade lace with an edge. Cover yourself from head to toe in needle tatted jewelry and accessories." and now I wait for my bill I suppose.

I also received another email from the photographer who recently shot my white mask. She included some sneak peeks of the black mask shoot. The one simple thing I could not accomplish was to show the mask the way it looked in person. The shine of the sequins and the crystals were completely lost in my efforts. She has achieved that goal clearly without effort. I shall await both the final pictures and the masks return with bated breath and then I can actually list my most artistic piece to a ridiculous price tag, seriously you might laugh out loud at it.

Oh one last thing. yesterday I got a comment from Kelly of Tatfully Yours sharing her results with my most recent free pattern, the cameo pendant. See, now this is the reason I love offering the occasional pattern. People who love them, make them, experiment with them and I get to feel like a little part of that. She's not the only one who has shared either my twitter friend Sewicked has been playing with the pattern for a while too. So go look at their pendants and please share anything you make with my patterns with me. I do so get a kick out of it.

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Lynn said...

How nice to get a compliment from Coilhouse!
Nice new profile pic of you, very pretty.