Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Elytra

Another day, another elytra piece. Okay, well that's not strictly true, I had these done the day before and I actually dug through my baggie of elytra to find just two more small ones to make a couple more cameo pendants, but you already know what that looks like. So back then to the new ones. I used the same vintage pattern that I call tenebrous and first used...yeah, I don't remember, anyway, it's got the perfect structure for hanging pieces off. This time I sewed a swarovski in the center just to give it a bit more polish. I thought about tatting the elytra directing into the lace, but in the end I wanted them to hang and swing a bit so I added a jump ring to each and tatted that directly into the lace rather than hand them from picots.

I also picked this pattern because I had already devised an earring pattern to match that was also perfect from hanging bits from. I did add the crystal to the earring in the same place as the pendant and the only rough patch here was finding the perfect elytra that all matched in size and each earring has a right and a left facing one on the sides. I thought about shaping the center one so it was more symmetrical, but it's nature and I figured I'd rather let it be.

So, I suppose you might be wondering where I'm going with theses babies next. After some great comments here and on the fan page, I think there are at the very least a few souls that like what I'm doing with these, so I shall keep on for a bit. Next up I think will be a necklace, not quite a collar. I'm thinking of using the same one I used to add bells and coins to and hanging a larger amount of these instead. I know, but what about something truly new? Well, to that end I acquired a few new vintage pattern books. Nothing inspires me to new like those old ones. Of course if I'm inspired to create from scratch before they arrive great, but nothing has popped in the old head yet.


thedancingemu said...

Gorgeous work, you've combined the two different materials very nicely <3

Donnelly said...

Very stunning. Your creativity is one of the things I must check daily on Facebook and here! Thanks for sharing with us.
Have a great day!