Monday, April 26, 2010

How Much Thread?

A good Monday morning to you all. While less eventful than last weekend of the sunburn and play set, this one was at least productive. I managed to not only catch up on orders but also got most of the sold pieces that I am going to remake...remade. Sunday I ran to Micheal's for more thread since last time I was there they only had one ball of black. They had not restocked. So I thought and decided to try an alternate method to maintain the ridiculous amount of black thread I require. At the end of my admittedly truncated Internet search, I found a site that offered a 15% discount when you purchased more than $150 dollars as a sort of unofficial wholesale price. They didn't have my standard thread of choice, but they did carry the better thread I only occasionally use because I haven't had a good enough reason to buy thread three times the cost. So I bought 50 balls. Yes,, I don't know where I'm going to put it all. I suppose at the very least I won't be going thread shopping for a while, a long while.

Let's see, what else this weekend? Not much I'm afraid. I went to go see the movie Kick-Ass. I had read the comic and I did enjoy the movie. A bit of the old ultra violence...the kids stayed home. Just this morning, I got another ankle corset order, so I'm back to order making, but I do plan on getting at least one completely new piece made up and I got some gorgeous pictures of my fancy mask emailed to me last night, so I think I might finally get that mask listed to sell as well. In fact, I must show one to already knew that though, 'cause you have eyes.

This one is also by Azcra Woodward who did the amazing white mask photos as well. So I want to say that's it for today and hey, a least it's better than Friday by a long shot. We'll aim for better tomorrow too, I promise.


Stephanie said...

That photo is gorgeous! I take it that's the sequin encrusted mask? This mask popped into my head yesterday at Joann Fabrics. In the embroidery department, I found a little tool for adding sequins to fabric and such. It looks like a tiny latch hook, but it's threaded so there's no sewing.

I don't buy nearly as much thread as you do, but when I want to buy a large lot of one color I go to They have DMC Cebelia for 3.99 a ball, which is damn cheap compared to a lot of other places and they ship in one day, too. Cebelia has a sheen that can't be beat for heirloom pieces and jewelry, especially the black. Sorry for the novel. I'm feeling wordy today.

Sewicked said...

Have you room for the hammock method of storage? Literally, you hang a little hammock from the ceiling. I've seen it used for plush animals, why not thread?