Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mine, All Mine

More remaking, yep that's right. I spent more time finishing a mask, making a choker and I even started on getting my headband remade. I was going to go the headband in black this time, but I was drawn back to the purple thread. Oh, how I love that purple thread. Now, I did get one new piece made yesterday. In fact I stopped mid choker to make it because I needed to make something new even if it was just a new color combination.

I know, you're thinking to yourself, 'Pam, you're wearing that in you hair! You can't sell that'. You're right and I'm not. This one is for me. Yep, mark your calenders, I made something to keep. I was thinking that I would like a flower in my hair, but haven't been able to find one I really liked to wear. The problem of course is that it needed to be in black and white so as to not interfere with the ridiculously colored hair I am always sporting. Sure, I will probably make a second one to sell, but this one is mine. What's funny is I never wear my tatting. I couldn't initially because I had babies that would pull and tear at everything making it terribly unwise. Then I suppose I was just spending so much time making things to sell and give as gifts I felt like I didn't have the time to make something for me.

Got another toy yesterday. Good old refund money has bought us our first Dyson. It's a canister vacuum that I can easily use on the stairs. Demonstrating the powerful allure of the fancy looking thing, our 5 year old kept asking if she could try it when it arrived late last evening. I hope she still feels like that when I am making her use it in a few years. Seriously though, when did tax refund money become about appliances and home improvement. I mean I'm not really complaining, I picked these things to buy, but I remember when it was video game consuls and expensive home entertainment. Now I want a vacuum cleaner and a retractable awning...damn, I think I might have become a grown up.

So there will be much vacuuming today and I just sold a pair of ankle corsets that must be made, but maybe I will squeeze in making another convertible piece so I can list one. Though the others haven't sold yet. I still like the concept of the piece, so yes I think I will make another. Only two more days of official home school vacation so i best make them count. Monday it's back to the educational grind. It's a good gig, but I have enjoyed the bit of a breather.

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