Monday, April 5, 2010

Of Birthdays & Easter

I remember as a child, how fun holiday weekends were. Sleeping in, lots of food and candy, television and playing hard. Flash forward to adulthood and they are full of the same things...for my kids. For me, there is cleaning and decorating, more cleaning and making sure all the normal tasks get completed at the same time. There are children hopped on on candy not taking naps and whining. Add to all that the child's birthday the day before the holiday and you've got a double take of all of the above. Ooh, ooh and don't forget that that I'm still bloody sick. Ah, adulthood, everything I though it would be.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am tired, epically tired. Sure, the kids had fun and I do enjoy the time between all the tasks when I get to run and play a bit too, but man...the tasks. Anyway, my older child has this coming week off from homeschooling, though that only means I'll have a bit more time to catch up on all those pendants that didn't get made this weekend. I am really glad that I told the customers to not expect them to ship until early this week. By my fuzzy math, that gives me until Wednesday to get them in the mail, so barring any unforeseen circumstances I will not become a liar.

I come to you this morning with nothing of significance to share. I probably tatted all of an hour over the weekend and that was on a rush ordered mask. I had two other inquiries into custom masks, but I think my responded wait time might have frightened them away. Sure, I could have told them I'd have them done faster, but then I would have to give up food or sleep to get it all done and even though I love the lace, I love my sleep more. I know I am a bucket of sunshine today and you're wondering why you wasted five minutes of your life to read this. I'm sorry, really. I'll try better tomorrow.


Tatfully Yours said...

Well, you know that sleep is highly over rated. Just think of all the tatting we could get done if we didn't have to sleep!! LOL

Gina said...

Well, my four are all adults now but I well remember those hectic days. Still have them but not nearly as often! It will get better.