Friday, September 11, 2009


Yesterday was thankfully uneventful. We discovered that the delay on the landscaping was that sand and concrete are on back order...really. Of course don't get me started on how easy t would have been for them to simply call us and tell us that rather than just not show up for two days with us in the dark, but anyway. Since I have so few mundane details to share, I'll take the opportunity to share something less mundane.

You might recall that last month I made some rather unexplained items. If you don't remember, go ahead and refresh here...I'll wait.

Well, the final project has been revealed by its creator the lovely and talented Diana of Paynesgrey. She has created this amazing art doll named August. He needed some accessories and I was asked to create what I imagine is the first tatted whip. I also made him a hat band.Clearly, my contribution to this amazing piece was small indeed, but I'm honored to have had a small part in his creation. Please visit her shop and read the story of August, it's a good one.

After all my recent whining and ranting it is really nice to share something pleasant that has little to do with me really. Let's see which direction the weekend takes me in...will Monday bring rant or rave? I'm taking bets.


Kate8085 said...

I am guessing if you are still dealing with this landscaping business, Monday will be a rant, hahaha. Ah, the life of a homeowner. Love the little guy up there!!

Sunny of The Beehive said...

I think you both are awesome artists and it's great to see you collaborate on something!

Diana said...

Thank you so much, Pam, for the kind attention and writeup of my latest art doll, August. I'm very proud of him, particularly your contributions. I really wanted a special whip for my doll, and the one you created effectively straddles the line between reality and chimera. Everything you put your hands on comes out amazing, and I'm really touched that you collaborated on one of my projects.

Hope the home stuff works out! Remember: it's a marathon, not a sprint. I think the best plan is to do things quarterly; that way you still have budget and are not likely to get overwhelmed, but can still track steady progress.