Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, I was going to start off the morning droning on about all the school materials my daughter got yesterday afternoon, but I woke up to a nice little surprise so I'll share that instead. I got a message from the folks at Etsy Stalker. I have been stalked. Yeah, that's their fancy was of saving one of my pieces was chosen for one of their features. I am featured in the piece on statement necklace with my Viva La Reine necklace.
I've been following them on twitter for a while and they have a nice witty writing style and they're taste isn't half bad either. After curated the Wunderkammer for a while, I'm a bit impressed by how many pieces they manage to find. Just getting 4 a feature can stress me out some days, So, I'm honored to be stalked and I proudly display their icon over there on the left column. Honestly, I'm really happy to get a of that attention I so desperately crave.

Okay, so back to the three boxes I got yesterday for my daughter. Yikes. The sheer massive size math book make my skin crawl actually. I'm certain that once we get started the scale with feel smaller, but right now it is crazy. We're behind by a couple of weeks because of their enrollment cap. We had been wait listed until just last week. I'm sure if I had gotten the materials earlier and was able to read through all the introductions at my leisure instead of in one sitting yesterday I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed today. We meet the teacher today, so maybe she'll put my mind at ease...or freak me out even more. One or the other I imagine.

On the tatting front, I have a custom order that has actually been paid for that I'm working on as well. A lovely woman in France is having me make a pair of slave bracelets to match her wedding dress. I do so love the idea of being a small part of someones most memorable outfit. As I get closer to finishing them, I will post some pictures. I went with the cebelia white thread because it is the closest to ivory I could find. I've noted that while shades of ecru vary, they are all rather brownish and her dress while ivory is much closer to white. I figured a little brighter is better than darker. Sometimes i fell so restricted by the number of colors actually available to me in the size 10 thread I like to use. I so want a dark gray and deep purple, but they are nowhere to be found and all the folks who dye thread focus on the variegating shades. I have no desire to branch out into hand dying myself, so I'll work with what I've got.


AJ said...

If you think homeschooled kindergarten math is bad, wait until you get to Jr High and High School... there are reasons why I can't do algebra or geometry :P

That said, I think that aligning yourself with an actual school was the best decision you could make for your daughter! I wish you the best.

ArtSnark said...

Congrats! beautiful piece

Krystle said...

I've heard that Handy Hands will be carrying the new Lizbeth thread in size 10 sometime in the future.....