Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Look Who Got Tatted

It was another 'up' day at the TotusMel household. Husband was home for the holiday and we spent time cleaning up our shared computer room, took a walk with the kids after lunch and had my sister and her kids over for dinner. My brother even popped by and we all had our hair cut...my sister used to be a hair stylist, yes, it is very convenient. Oh, and the ant invasion appears to almost be over with no new incursions and the bait trails waning quickly. It was a nice day in the real world, but the Internet day was pretty nice too.

I was already happy to have gotten all my wunderkammer stuff done early and I had time off and on to check in to twitter, but in the evening, I was met with a pleasant surprise that spawned more pleasant. The very lovely Jennifer Nicole, whom I've been very lucky to have gotten acquainted with after she won the pair of ankle corsets I gave away back in March, finally blogged some pictures of said ankle corsets. Check it out on her blog Awakened Aesthetic. I had to show you this sexy photo though...wow, they look great.

Her post got some very flattering comments that of course made my day. Then one of her readers hopped over to my shop after making a comment and bought a few small things. So, yeah the day ended on the same kind of high note it began on. Simple, but nice.

We're back to normal...ish this morning. I should get to work remaking some sold pieces and I want to start planning out my next instructable soon as well. I have the pattern written out for the barefoot sandals, so I just need to make a set to take pictures of. It might be a bit before I get around to it, but it's on the agenda...the very long, never shrinking agenda.


Imoshen said...

Glad to hear about your lovely day. That is a great picture of your work being displayed. :D

Jennifer Nicole said...

I'm glad someone came over and picked up a few things - your work really is amazing. You've managed to combine a very delicate-looking piece of jewelry with sturdy construction: I never once worried that I had to be "extra careful" with them.

And thanks for the compliment. Those arches are the result of two years of pointe class!