Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Step Forward

There was a mighty glorious sound in the backyard yesterday...the sound of a bobcat hard at work. The tractor, not an actual cat...though I'm sure you figured that out. Finally work has begun on our backyard, though ironically it has done so at the very great expense of the front yard. Having the tractor delivering sand from the front has ripped the yard a new one. The landscapers said that was to be expected and they would of course fix the damage as well. I don't doubt them, but it still looks sad out there.

Another interesting life twist also occurred yesterday, or rather came to a point then. If you remember all the drama with signing my 5 year old up for online school, she was put on a waiting list because they had already reached their cap on enrollment. I panicked and eventually decided that since kindergarten was not mandatory, I would just go it alone with her. Well about a week ago the school sent out a, 'we're trying to get the cap lifted' email. Then just the other day they sent one that said the cap was indeed lifted. I basically ignored this as I had gotten used to the arrangement we had going, but yesterday I actually got a call about finishing the enrollment process. As usual, I panicked when faced with talking to an actual person that wanted a decision. In the end I finished the enrollment process and now I await their decision on her acceptance. This will change the way me day is structured, but you just can't beat the material support they can provide. I'm still not shifting gears until I hear back, but...yeah.

I feel like a broken record, but damn, it's been well over a week since I made a sale. Yesterday, I had even more questions and requests without further response. Sure, I know they could still get back to me, but I'm starting to feel desperate over here. I've been slowly working on remaking a couple of things, but as you can imagine, I've been a bit distracted by other things. Without a fairly steady stream of orders, I'm finding it harder to justify tatting time. I know, I'll just keep on keeping on, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm starting to revert to newbie etsian wondering what I did wrong or who I pissed off. Meh, it'll turn around eventually right?


Sewicked said...

You did nothing wrong. Everything is okay. There's an ebb & surge and just now you're ebbing. It will surge again.

mickchick831 said...

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