Tuesday, September 15, 2009

With Crystals

I got to actually do some tatting yesterday. In fact, I even finished a project, though that did require me to say on more than on occasion to my five year old, 'no, I'm not playing that with you right now.' I'd feel bad, but these last couple of weeks of homeschooling have illustrated that my days now revolve around her learning something. Sure, I get in some time to play with her sister and some cleaning, but it's mostly about the learning.

Of course, what I chose to get tatted might turn out to be a mistake. Breaking my own rule of not making up custom orders before they are bought and paid for, I made this purple mask with ab and deep purple crystals. The customer had said she could pay on Tuesday and I had every intention of waiting until then to proceed, but with no other orders to take care of and the supplies already on hand, I made it anyway. So, I suppose it's my own fault if I end up listing it for general sale. I had a devil of a time getting the crystals to shine for the picture, so I mostly gave up and settled for this one, Again, I do miss my old backyard with the jasmine in just the right light for pictures.

I think I might actually make up another in perhaps a different color with crystals added just to have an embellished one listed. That way people with know that they can ask for that as well. Though as I think I mentioned, I'm really getting burnt on requests and questions lately. Not because I don't want to make special orders, but because nearly every time I respond quickly to said requests and questions I am left with stunning silence. Dozens of them lately that never even respond with a 'never mind'. I think I might add a 'let me know what you decide either way' to the end of my messages to see if I get closure on any of them. Just as much as I don't like not getting the job, I also hate the thought of people returning after weeks with a 'remember what I asked for, do it now'.

Okay, that's enough of that for now. I feel like I've been writing just to hear myself speak lately anyway...figuratively of course. Luckily, the new house has plenty of tasks to distract me from my self pity and lack of sales. The ants returned the other day after a week or so of silence. This time, I was ready for them with a bait trap and the new trail has nearly dried up as well. Of course with the season change upon us soon, I assume this won't be the last invasion attempt. This is just one example of the new house giving me things to do...which I probably better go do now.


ArtSnark said...

It's Super Tatter! Love the mask :D Exterminating as a super power - sweet!

Sparrow said...

I just have to say that I love all of your masks. I actually had the idea years ago to make a tatted mask, and never got around to it. lol I'm so glad someone else did, so I can at least admire how cool they look!


Waterrose said...

It's a beautiful mask. Can you plant jasmine in your new yard?