Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Imp

Here is a picture of my darling angel. My two year old. My baby.Adorable, isn't she... all dressed up, innocent and sweet as can be...yeah.


This is what my little devil child did in a 30 second span to three days worth of work.Yep...can't fix it at all. She managed to cut through every motif. Not even the center fill in was's complete trash, and yes she still lives.

I was working with her sister in the loft when I heard a dreadful snipping noise from below. I had just looked in on her peacefully watching t.v. not seconds before. She had snatched up the tatting scissors and went to town on the piece I had finished all of 15 minutes before. No, it doesn't normally take me three days to make an ankle corset, but I've been working slower lately due to the home schooling and house work. I spent the morning ignoring her as the safest punishment for both of us. This put me in a depressed mood enhanced by contractors not showing up to work on the yard, and several other small...setbacks that cropped up. Apparently karma read the post yesterday and was not amused. So, to karma, I apologize, please forgive me and kindly affix your attention elsewhere for a bit. I'd really appreciate that. Thanks.

Oh, I did manage a brief conversation with the object of yesterdays rant and all is taken care of. It went alright, though I never like confrontation at all, even if it's just someone apologizing as it makes me want to apologize and, well it's just awkward. It's over for now anyway. I almost don't want to start another day right now, for fear of what is now in store for me, but you can't go back...only forward, ever forward.


Unknown said...

Aww, bless you for restraining yourself with the little one...I fully understand!!! When mine was four she got the scissors and cut off her lovely golden locks of curly hair!! She's 22 now and her hair is past her waist so I guess it all comes out in the end. LOL! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

Sewicked said...

Sounds like you took the safest course of action. but ouch!

FetishGhost said...

As a firm believer of "balance", personally I try to remember to grin even bigger after an exceptionally large helping of misfortune.The balance swings heavily the other way before it levels back out.
As far as the IMP goes, I've got a similar model here too... good luck with that!

Ana R. said...

What a beautiful girl!!!! My daughter did the same some days ago!!!

mermaiden said...

well, at least she didn't try to cut off your toe this time ;]
i have a 2 yo maelstrom of chaos, and i can empathize.