Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Update

It wasn't a bad weekend, but it was sure all over the place. Friday we got invited invited to one of the new neighbors houses for their 3 year olds birthday party the next day. I don't mind saying I was nervous. Sure we had met and talked to them briefly, but aside from location and having children we had no idea if there was anything else we would have in common.

Saturday morning we went to the Fall Festival one town over for a bit and then arrived at our neighbors house which is the exactly the same as our house only opposite. I suppose we spent more time getting ideas from there layout and backyard than we did socializing, but then again we're not the best socializers anyway. The kids got on great with the other children and I even ran into my twitter nemesis. Okay, not really nemesis, but rather the other person in my town that shares the top twittergrader spot with me. He works for the newspaper so he socializes as part of his job. So, I suppose we had an unofficial tweetup across the street.

Sunday we finally had my brother in law over with his kids to see the house. This was nice, but it totally messed with our Sunday routine and I feel like I missed a whole day really. We managed to visit the hardware store...again. This time for more ceiling fans. Oh, and the landscapers actually called to apologize for delivery delays that prevented them from starting work. Of course the rain that started last night is likely to postpone them again, I imagine. This has been one colossal bout of bad timing.

Then onto the etsy world...its slow...really slow. I don't think I've yet recovered from the time I took off to move. Momentum was great right before that and now the only thing I'm getting in large doses is lengthy inquiries that have yet to result in sales including a wholesale request that never responded back. It's hard to want to answer a zillion questions when I never hear back either way. I know there are several things I wanted to share that I'm missing this morning, but that's all I've got right now.

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