Monday, September 28, 2009

Yep, It's Monday

I know you were wondering whether I survived field trip day. Clearly survival was achieved and yes, we did indeed have a good time. All the worry about meeting the other local families was for naught. This is not because they all turned out to be wonderful but rather because so few local ones showed up.

Apparently families may attend any field trip by any teacher and since this one was in Fresno, the majority of the families in attendance were too. This meant that while we and the children had a good time, we were not meeting potential friends, but simply spending time with other people we're unlikely to see again. That took a lot of the strain off the day which was capped with a visit to a comic book store, though that wasn't as cool as my husband thought it would be.

I have been hard at work on the mask I mentioned the other day. The cat shaped eyes did prove a bit more of a challenge during the wire wrapping phase. I actually had to iron the piece before I started to get all the elements to line up around the eyes properly before I started to wrap with the thread. I sill need to get it pressed once more and get it on my mannequin head for pictures before I send it off. I promise I'll post a picture here probably tomorrow. It really is a subtle difference from the other mask, but I wonder if I should list it as it's own design or perhaps as an option when ordering the basic design. Like along side the message about thread and crystal colors, I add eye shape to the options. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do.

We're still waiting for our backyard to be completed, but we are almost finished with the blinds and curtains. All that's left is a pair of tiny windows in one bedroom and the damn window in the kitchen. What is up with kitchen curtains? Seriously, I just don't get the tiered curtain thing and when you add all the lacy, patterned ridiculousness, well I just can't do it. I may end up just sewing my own damn curtains, though I'm not certain where I'll wedge in that project. Anyway, here we go into another week.

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mermaiden said...

lacy kitchen curtains make me gag! i put up some vinyl decal stuff that looks like stained glass, so light comes in but my neighbors can't watch me at the sink while they're at their dining room table ;]

i thought you were going to tat up some curtains?