Friday, September 4, 2009

Get Ready For It

I'm tired, really tired. Like down to my bones and soul tired. For some unknown reason, I decide that yesterday would be the first big, I'm gonna clean the whole house day. My new house is twice as big as our old rental and that was more than twice as big as the apartment we left over three years ago. I remember as we were looking for a house to purchase saying many times, 'are you sure we need a two story house?' His mind was set on it and I do like have the space, but I knew the cleaning day would come. The downstairs has a lot of tile floor through the kitchen, living room and hall, this makes the daily cleaning a bit easier, but not the whole house clean. Now I have to mop what feels like half the house and vacuum the other half. I now also have an upstairs and downstairs kitty litter to change and all the bedrooms are upstairs with the laundry room downstairs. So as you might imagine, my day was all about the stairs, which I have no idea how to properly vacuum either.

When I woke this morning, my feet both ached, partly due to the cleaning and then there's still the matter of the broken toe and compensating for it by walking on the side of my foot. Apparently that too, takes its toll on ones body. I am so whiny today, I apologize, but here comes some more.

Sales in the etsy shop picked up for two days and then quite suddenly disappeared again. Normally this would just have me, well...whining, but now I'm getting worried as my income was figured into our ability to comfortably afford this house. No, not for the loan or anything, but for our own budget. With my income, we don't have to worry about the occasional silly purchase, without my income, we have to live a bit more frugally than we want to. I'm not sure what the problem is, as usually things begin to pick up in September, not the other way around. Oh, and to further stress the money issue, we got an estimate on landscaping our barren and goat head spur laden backyard. We honestly had no idea what to expect, but the big backyard that we loved so much about the house...well, it's gonna cost us dearly, many thousands of dollars, dearly. We have to get it done for the kids, for the family and for us, but damn...concrete and grass are expensive particularly when put over hard clay soil.

Let's see, have I gotten all the complaints out? Yes, I think so...wait, I also didn't get to tat at all yesterday. Is that it then...yeah, that's all of it. Here's hoping the other side of the weekend will bring a tad more joy so I will bitch a bit less.


Happy News Chic said...

Wow that's a lot of cleaning! I like the idea of a housekeeper, but then they do cost money.

I think you'll find that everyone's sales are down at the moment. May be coming out of a recession but a lot of people are still conscious of luxury purchases.

Might be time to write up those patterns for a book :)

Lex Machina said...

I have the luxury of a tiny house and spouse that does most of the cleaning ;) so I do not envy you your task. Maybe try to do one floor at a time when doing the big whole house kind of cleaning. Less overwhelming and you can be a bit more thorough that way.
When I lived in a house that big, I broke things up by ROOM I was so bad about taking major shortcuts toward the end/giving up halfway through. I did a much better job if I only focused on one or two rooms max at a time. Of course, ymmv.

Also, I found you this informative video: