Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rebel Yell

I am a rebel, an outcast...not is the most interesting uses of the words of course, but rather in the sense that I like to do things my way. This includes how I choose to learn new things. I do not seek out teachers nor generally ask for advice. I am self taught. Now, I know those who will say that term is a misnomer. No one is truly self taught. We all find sources to help us learn, weather they are websites, books or simple illustrations. There are many drawbacks to this type of learning, but I've decided that I enjoy a few of them.

I remember my English teachers saying that as writers, you cannot break the rules until you know them. I find that it's much easier to break them when you never knew them in the first place. By breaking them here, I really mean transcend them creatively. I spend a little time at intatters, an online tatters group and I lurk in the forums. The questions asked that I have no answers for are many. There are many procedures that I have never even tried to follow, like blocking. Then I spent some time looking through the selection of photos brought up in a google image search of TotusMel. I thought to myself, wow, I really have been all over the place.Would I have tried any of these things if I actually knew the mechanics of designing tatting? Would I have ended up with the same pieces if I had followed rules or structure? Probably not. This isn't to say that my way is any superior. It's just better...for me. Anyway, I just had to wax poetic on this point for a bit, hope I didn't bore you silly.

I did get a couple of pictures of the mask with the new eye shape. It really is a fairly subtle difference, more angular. Even though it appears to be a slight change, there was considerable difference in the final construction to make the mask lay correctly. It definitely does not warrant it's own listing like this, but it does give me ideas for a new creation based on the shape, rather than retrofitted to it.

I also have been given inspiration for a design from my husband. Every so often he comes up with an idea for me. So far, all of these have been video game based, but I'll take it. This one might require a little more creativity and more wire work. I still haven't got my mind around how it will work, but I do enjoy the occasional challenge.

Oh, and one more thing. Yesterday the Wunderkammer received its first donation/tip. I installed the paypal donation button on the off chance that someone would want to compensate me for my time, though I knew it was an extreme long shot. Well now someone has. It wasn't much at all, but it's the thought that counts and it really made my day. So, thanks so much my first tipper, you're awesome!


Emi of FTLOB said...
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Emi of FTLOB said...

I really love the new eye shape, you're right that it is fairly subtle but its quite pretty too!

I also prefer to learn things on my own by just trying them and I find it works out pretty well. Breaking rules creatively is fun but its more fun to not know them and just do whatever comes naturally.

Grats on the Wunderkammer donation!

(too early, so many typos in original post lol)

Emi of FTLOB said...

mine not yours =)

My Owl Barn said...

Beautiful and intricate work. Love them all :)