Thursday, September 3, 2009


Second day of the homeschooling regimen was, well survived anyway. We purchased a duplicate crayola dry erase board for the two year old, so I was spared the drama associated with the sharing of that object, but we're a long way from both children being happy. That being said, I think we'll be fine with the arrangement...eventually.

I got the rare opportunity to run errands in the afternoon as the children were off with their grandparents. I learned that even though it is my small toe that done broke, driving is still unpleasant. My entire foot began to ache only a few minutes into the task. I needed to get to the bank to change my address 'in writing' and then I ran downtown to get my business license updated. No, the tasks aren't difficult, but very time consuming. They're done now, of course there are many more of these tasks likely to crop up in the future.

I did go ahead and list my new necklace yesterday evening. I set the price rather high in my opinion, but I felt like it need the the premium price tag. This morning when I checked the listing though, no one had favorited it and the views weren't as good as I had hoped, so perhaps I have over priced it a bit. I'll give it a while though before I admit defeat.

I've got a mask to remake today as well as many household tasks. Busy, busy...oh and the landscape fellow should be by this evening to get an estimate done on our backyard. It's quite odd to be doing such home owner tasks.

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Lynn said...

Ohhhh home schooling, do let us know how it goes. I was thinking of home schooling myself but we recently moved to an area that has excellent schools...and I think I was loosing my marbles.
I do miss him horribly is his first day.