Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Yep, another day, another few rounds on the Armenian lace doily. I thought I had an idea for something else halfway through the day, but as it turns out, I was very wrong. Well, no, I had an idea, it just wasn't a very good one, so let's not talk about it, okay?

This is where I started off with the doily in the morning. It was at about row 11 of the 20...I think. I even worked on it a bit while I was schooling the kids, because I thought if I kept at it all day I might actually finish this section. I was of course, wrong again.

This is where I ended the day with the doily. I think that I'm on row 19 now. I know, so close. I guess that means that I am certain to get to the next section of the design today. That is unless I get another idea. Hopefully this time it will be an executable one, instead of the nonsense of an idea I had yesterday. Or better yet, I could get a sale in the shop and need to get to tatting something that has a home instead of knotting a doily that really has no purpose in life except to keep my hands busy during the day. Luckily, it's pretty, so there's that anyway. Oh, and you can see that it's finally completely flat. Yep, that's my takeaway from an entire day of knotting, flatness.

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Madtatter80 said...

It is beautiful, you really have a talent here :), I like to lay delicate lace like that on felt and look at it and keep it there till I pick it up again because it seem to hold it in the shape I want it to be in till I pick it up again. If that make any sense