Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Round and Round

Round and round I go, knotting forever. Well actually, I didn't even really get around to lace making until well into the afternoon. The oldest child had her first lab with the microscope. She was looking at creek water samples for signs of life. Of course she found some and and they were both entranced. The spent a great deal of time after schooling was over looking at the little microscopic creatures and taking pictures through the lens. I however, too pictures of lace. The first picture here is about a round or two into the day. There's a distinct warp to the piece still, though I think it's already abating.

At this point I was 7 rows into a 20 row section of small loops. No, of course I'm not finished with those yet. I think I ended the day on round 10 or 11, it's kind of hard to keep track. It is however definitely flattening out a bit. In fact I've started thinking on how I am to increase the loops soon. The pattern gives no further instruction on the matter. In fact the whole book assumes that you fully understand how to increase a round, as well as begin a new round without any further instruction. It's a good thing I can think on my feet. Well, really I'm generally sitting, but I can figure things out pretty well. They may be my own unique solutions, but if they work, they work.

This is the last lace picture of the day. Like I said, it seems to be flattening a bit, though I am having trouble feeling like I accomplished anything as it grows so slowly. I guess that's why I take pictures so I can see them here next to each other and know I accomplished, what, a half an inch maybe. I am getting lots of practice working from left to right and right to left as I turn the doily around occasionally to combat the tedium of the same stitch so long. Good day's work. I'll be at it again today and I don't have any illusions that I'll get past these 20 rows, but maybe tomorrow. I'll leave you with a picture of the sky last night. The camera in my new phone seems to take pretty good pictures though I haven't really tested it much yet. I guess that means you can expect more pictures of anything for a bit.

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Madtatter80 said...

ohh nice sunset and lace :)