Wednesday, September 2, 2015

More Knots
Well, that was quite a day. I had warned the children that schooling was going to be longer this year. This is not only because they are both older with more work, but also because the virtual school has instituted the collection of more work samples. This means less of us doing things verbally and more writing every little thing down. I was right too, we weren't done with everything until well after lunch and having started just after 7.

Once we were done I rushed about to get the new necklaces photographed and in the shop. They are both listed now and I have to say I really like the way the beaded one drapes. It's still light, but it had a nice weight as well...if that makes any sense.

I did have a sale in the shop yesterday, but it was for a cat ear headband and I'll already made extras of those. That meant I again had no tatting to do, so I made yet another Armenian lace choker. This go around I used what the book called a basket stitch. I had started another round on this one, but it didn't look right at all. That also gave me my first opportunity to cut off work. I have to say that that process is much easier and less painful than it is with tatting. On the other hand picking back a few stitches with this is much more troublesome than it is with tatting. So small mistakes are easier with tatting, big ones that require scissors are easier with the knotted lace.

I still have at least one more Armenian lace idea to try out, so that's probably what I'll do with my afternoon. I'll likely just leave this choker as it is and start again though I do think I might actually add a row of simple loops above the cord to give this one a little more character and set it apart from the other designs a bit. Boy, I hope that these sell at some point. I really enjoy making them.


Madtatter80 said...

Very cute love the beads of red at end :)

Madtatter80 said...

love the tatting with the bits of red beads!