Monday, September 21, 2015

New Thread

Well, let's see, on Friday I did manage to work up a nice small medallion all by myself in linen. I still haven't gone any further with the design, except to make it a second and third time to make sure I have got it down. I haven't written it down of course, but this time it's not because I'm lazy, it's because I really have no idea the proper way to notate Armenian lace. I've only read the the one book on it, from the 20's, so I've no clue how they would write this out modernly. I guess that's my next research topic.

The rest of my weekend was super packed with family outings.  On Saturday we headed to opening weekend of the Northern California Renaissance Faire. It's about an hour and a half from us, but we love going. The kids did some crafts, we shopped a bit and had toad in a hole for lunch. We also managed to get terribly exhausted, but the people watching alone is worth it.

On Sunday it was errand running, but out of town. I used the opportunity to pick up some alternative thread types to try out with the Armenian lace. I got a small spool of a thick polyester thread, and a thinner, because it's all the had, spool of viscose (rayon). It wasn't the best thickness on the viscose, but it was just a chain fabric store, so I really didn't expect much. I'm hoping that working with these threads will at least give me an idea of how it works up in that material, so I know what would be best to order if I ever have the extra cash to justify it anyway. This is my first go with both, but as I had just a little time, this is all I managed. The polyester is on the right and the viscose on the left. While the size difference is obvious, I'm sill not decided on the work-ability . They both seem to love knotting, maybe too much and unpicking is more of a struggle, but it's really too soon to make a conclusion.

So I guess I'll be playing with the new thread for a while to see how they play. Hopefully I'll have some real conclusions for you before the week is out.

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