Tuesday, September 8, 2015


We had the day off from schooling, so I started my day working on the Armenian knotted lace necklace. I worked a row, then about halfway through the next one I ran into a mistake on the row before. I stared at it for a while trying to decide whether I could make due or if it was a fatal error that must be removed. As you probably guessed from the picture, it was deemed fatal and I had to cut out the largest swath of knotted lace to date. It really wasn't too much, just that row and a half, back to the mistake, but it was delicate work cutting each knot without disturbing the thread they were knotted over.

After working back to about the point I removed, we ran some errands. Those errands resulted in working on our front door for an hour and then finally settling on a haphazard fix when none of of the elegant, hide-able solutions would work like we wanted. Oh, and I managed to hurt myself repeatedly. Then I baked a cake. It was solely because we acquired this new cake pan in the Halloween section of Target. There were also cupcakes, because the cake pan won't hold a whole box of cake mix. We would eventually eat most of this cake and I really regretted that for most of the evening. All of this was before I was able to sit down again and work on the necklace again.

I did, however, finish the necklace despite all the household distractions. It's bigger than I anticipated and I did continue to make it up as I went with bouts of math to insure that I wouldn't mess it up too badly in the end. It's shape is a bit flatter than I hoped. Up to now all the chokers I've done have held their circle shape well, but as this one grew it lost it a bit. It should still wear fine, but lower on the neck that the others. Of course I haven't given it much test wearing yet. Hopefully today's schooling will go well and I'll be able to get this and the last necklace before this one listed in the shop. Of course that presupposes that I can come up with an appropriate price point for the necklace that took nearly four days to make, but is just simply made of knots in thread. Yeah, I'm stumped too. Maybe it'll just come to me during the day.

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