Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back to Square One

I was creatively quite fickle yesterday.  Not only did I not get around to listing the newest necklace, I also didn't get anything else of significance done. I spent a lot of time online searching for any more vintage Armenian lace books and I got nothing. The only one I ran across turns out to be the same one I have republished by Lacis years later. I don't want to buy any new books partly because I like using older ones to learn from and partly because I really ought not spend any money when I'm making so very little.

So with the book search a bust, I went back to the one I had and tried out a few techniques I hadn't done very well with on the first go. I figured after all the practice I've had, they should be easier now. Luckily I was at least right about that. This is the lover's knot stitch and it beat me up the first time I tried it. I still have a few issues, but I know what they are now and it's just a matter of making the loops longer. I tried a few others as well as making my own up with mixed results. In the end I decided to try a medallion and see if I can morph it into something wearable.

I'll work on the medallion idea today and if I remember, I'll get that necklace in the shop. I still haven't found a home for any of the Armenian lace, save for the small pine cone tassel pendants. I'm hoping with Fall upon us, holiday shopping will begin soon and somebody out there will think they would make lovely gifts. Fingers crossed.


Konineeka Renu said...

Love your work! Really excited to see what you have for us in Armenian Lace.
Do you have the Priscilla Armenian Lace book? It's a definitive collection of patterns.

TotusMel said...

Thanks so much Konineeka! Yes, that's the book I do have on Armenian lace. I've learned everything from it.