Friday, September 11, 2015

I Bleed

I definitely wanted to try doing the Armenian lace from left to right after seeing it done in the videos I watched. That gave me a reason to make something else and I remembered that I wanted to try a certain design I hadn't tried out yet. That gave me a project for the day. I also inquired if anyone else knew if  one direction or the other was proper, but there was no definitive answer. I figured if nothing else I could now work back and forth without turning the lace. I did learn that even though there appears to be fewer thread movements working left to right, I still worked right to left faster and with greater consistency. Of course I suppose that will happen with weeks of practice once direction. I also shared that I bleed far more often with this than I ever did with tatting, though I manage to occasionally injure myself that was as well. I am relentlessly rough on my hands.

I did get this necklace finished and I managed to get decent at working both directions. I think I'll try to get this in the shop today along with the basket stitch choker that is still waiting for a spot in the shop.

Other than that I have no lace plans for the weekend. Again I hope for a bit of inspiration or a sale in the shop to get me working again. The heat lately has been a bit oppressive around here and it's hard to want to do anything at all. It's a battle between my laziness and my hands' need to keep from being idle. I'm sure my hands will win, they always do, but it's a long, hard fought battle.


Madtatter80 said...

looks fine and delicate, looks like you are hooked on this :)

Fox said...

Hmmm... I am finding it easier working left to right. Are you not supposed to turn the work???

I noticed in one of the videos the lacemaker simple cut the threads and went back to the beginning!