Monday, September 14, 2015


Friday I did get the new Armenian lace necklace up in my etsy shop. Honestly after that I was a bit adrift for the rest of the day. I did a search through my thread and ran across a spool of black silk thread. I didn't really enjoy tatting with it, but I thought I might try Armenian lace with it, but I couldn't decided on a pattern and I didn't want to waste the silk experimenting, so I started another cord in cotton for the pattern I was going to try. I figure cotton can be the dry run and if it works, I'll try it in silk.

I was ready to keep going with that, but I woke up to a sale on Saturday morning and that gave me something to tat up instead. It was just a tatted ring, so it was made in a flash, but making it actually gave me an idea for a new one. I first made it up in the Lizbeth twirlz thread there on my index finger. I then wore it about on our morning errands and even though doing laundry when we got back. I was initially concerned that the points of the diamond shape would misbehave when worn. That wasn't the case, so I made another in black as well.

The rest of the weekend I kept making more in different colors with the intention of listing them in my shop after schooling is wrapped today. Then yesterday afternoon I decided to also experiment with some sparkles. I sewed on some swarovski crystals to some of the rings to see what it would look like and I honestly have mixed feeling about the results. I don't think it looks bad at all, I just like the plain lace better. That being said, I will likely list both versions of the ring along with color and size options just like my other tatted rings. I know it's not the most original design, but it's new and so I'm happy with my creative weekend.

Once they're listed, I'll get back to the Armenian lace experiment and try to keep busy until the next sale or idea comes along.