Friday, September 4, 2015


Schooling went much smoother on day three and I'm hoping that today will follow suit. Of course just because it went well doesn't mean that it still didn't take up the entirety of the morning. It was again well after noon when I got some time to be creative.

I really wasn't sure what to do with my day. I had thought about making an Armenian lace piece in color, so I looked through my thread to find what color I had an excessive amount of as a way of picking that color. Then in a turn of events I found the one ball of cebelia I had in size 30. It was ecru and that made me wonder what a choker made in the finer thread would look like. Of course I don't really have a pattern in mind yet, but that didn't stop me from beginning work on it though.

The only change so far is that I had to switch crochet hooks for the cord, but not for the extension sections. The size 30 is working well and holding up much better than the vintage thread I used for the doily. I'm sure the pattern will come to me after I finish the second row of small loops. There's a chance I'll just fall back on the pine cone pattern, but I'm hoping by the time schooling is over today and I get to sit down with it, a fresh idea will emerge. Here's hoping.

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