Monday, September 28, 2015


I didn't come up with something interesting to make for the shop, but of course I couldn't just not make anything, so I started yet another Armenian lace doily. It should serve as a nice project that I can set down if ever I get something else that needs doing. This one interested me partly because it's called a Spiderweb doily and partly because the beginning starts with a simple crochet chain. While it was a bit fiddly to work into the thin crochet chain, it was orders of magnitude easier than the other method described in the book, working over a small folded piece of thread. That my friends, has proved impossible for me to accomplish.

I worked on this all weekend, when I had sitting time, but we were out and about quite a bit. We also ended up using the weekend to acquire a new desk for the oldest child since she had wholly outgrown the children's desk that she's had for years. That entailed cleaning off the old desk, assembling the new one and the new chair and reassembling the computer, so as you can imagine, it was a busy building day. I actually adore putting together furniture. No, really, I do. I reminds me of when I worked backstage at the theater throughout high school and college. In fact it's probably why I enjoy making lace so much. There is just a sense of satisfaction when you finish creating something with your hands, but I digress.

I took plenty of photos over the weekend of the doily progress, so that's what I'll leave you with this morning. I did sell a tatted mask over the weekend, but as it turns out, I had two of them made, so there was no immediate need for me to get tatting another. I might so so anyway, just to change things, up if nothing else comes up, but I am enjoying the doily creation either way. At least it gives me something to take pictures of to liven up the dull blog post. So here's to a productive day of lace making and picture taking.

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