Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mixed Lace

I was entirely rudderless yesterday after schooling. I didn't even do any reading. I just sat about wondering what I should be doing. This resulted in my playing with a technique I ran across online that I cannot at the moment remember the name of, to no particular end. All I have to show for that is this strip of zigzag nonsense that did get longer than this before I found something more productive to do. Well, I could have looked up the technique again and actually learned how to do something with it, but I was too lazy for that intelligent move apparently.

I did eventually get onto something more creative and useful. I tatted up this small bit in cotton and then started the Armenian lace from it. I had intended it to become a bracelet, but that lazy bug bit again and I worked it to a point. Then I used the leftover thread at the end to work the tassel directly on it. Of course since I've been going metal free with my pieces lately, I just went ahead and crocheted a cord to hang it on. I couldn't decided if I should do one from each corner or from the center. In the end I opted to just weave it through the tatting itself.

I was told that it looks like it could be a little bag and I'm tempted now to try and see if I can work a similar shape in the round. I'm not sure I have developed enough skill for that yet, but I've run so low on creative juices lately that maybe I should just take ideas where I can. Of course I should also try to get up the energy to get all these recent pieces listed in the shop too. The source of that reluctance is more likely a lack of sales that inspires my favorite mood of 'why bother, nobody cares' apathy. It'll pass, I just have to wait it out and then maybe it'll be a nice big shop update. Only time will tell.


Madtatter80 said...

Beautiful work just make another flat one and stitch them together! Cause it does look like a little purse, I love it

Red said...

I believe it's called puncetto lace.